William Cas and Sarah Wilson Young Reunion 2007

March 31, 2007

Young Group 2007

Attendees at William Cas and Sarah Wilson Young Reunion 2007

Photo by Mickey Bryant, Bryant's Photography

There were about 50 people in attendance consisting of 46 cousins, two conservation officers (Eddie Pittman's friends) and two media from the Choctaw Sun. They came from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. They came from Choctaw, Mobile, Baldwin, Madison, Marshall, and Sumter Counties in Alabama. All of the siblings that married and had families were represented.

William Henry was represented by Mason Young and wife, Flo, from Tulsa, OK. They are the ones that traveled the farthest. Henderson and wife, Nita, represented Toulmin (Tobe). Mary Olivia's daughter, Lillie Mae Jackson and others represented her. Lillie Mae had four generations in attendance. Lena was represented by Bill Wimberly and Karla Mosley. Lola was represented by Clara and Buck Ozment and a host of others including some 12 from Verth's family. Brenda Doucet and others represented James Osburn.

Brenda Doucet did a superb job of coordinating the food. Our chefs Kenny Mosley assisted by Randy Adams were at their best at the BBQ grill.

At age 86 Buck Ozment, who is married to Lola Young Gibson's daughter, Clara, was the oldest. At 18 months Allee' was the youngest. She is four generations removed from James Osborne Young (William Young, Wiley Young, Sarah Rolison)

We were honored to have Mr. Sammy Wright and Mr. Mickey Bryant from the Choctaw Sun visit with us at our reunion. Mr. Wright has a regular feature titled "Sweet Gum." The April 25, 2007 "Sweet Gum" was devoted to the Young Reunion. It can be seen at Sweet Gum. (This article is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download it free at Adobe.com.)