Mar Telie Roberts Lovette

Born: November 3, 1910

Died: January 10, 1978

Married: Charley Lovette, November 19, 1926

Children: Eugene Lovide, born March 28, 1928 (deceased); Katherine, born December 21, 1931; Lou Ella, born July 11, 1933; Amon Lovide (Hank), born January 3, 1937; Charline, born May 24, 1941; Mary Ann, born March 20, 1944; James Charley, born April 19, 1946; Alex Junior, born March 4, 1951; Henri Fred, born October 27, 1953

Telie Married Charley Lovette when she had just turned 16 years old. Charley had two sons, Carl, 5 years old and Darrell, 3 years old. They raised Carl and Darrell along with 9 children of their own.

In 1944, they settled in Chapel Hill for the remainder of their lives. After Charley's death in 1958 Telie was very busy raising her children and especially devoted to her disabled daughter, Lou Ella.

Telie and her children attended Grace Chapel Assembly of God Church. They walked to church most of the time.

Telie was talented in making quilts and enjoyed the quilting parties in the neighborhood. She also worked in several homes doing housework as long as she was able.