Photo Gallery

William Cas and Sarah Young Family

The first photo below is an early William Cas and Sarah Young Family group. The next two photos are from a reunion held at Lola Gibson's residence in 1947. (The date is a guess based on Betty's estimated age.) The first of these photos is of the Young siblings and the other is of the reunion attendees.

William Cas and Sarah Young in front with siblings left to right Lola, Susan, Lena, James Osborne (Jim), Mary Olivia (Leva), and Cleve

Cleve, Lola, Tode, Leva, Will, Lena, Jim in 1947

Young Reunion 1947 - You name them.

2003 Reunion Photos

There were about 50 Young relations at the Aug 23, 2003 reunion. The photos below, hopefully, include each individual who attended. Of special note is that one great grandson came all the way from Tulsa, OK to attend.


Great Grandchildren

Great Grandson Mason Young and his wife, Floretta, came from Tulsa, OK to attend.

Great Great Grandchildren

Significant Others

Devotional time by Betty Williams and Nell Roberts

Good eating was provided hot off the grill by Kenny Mosley and Randy Adams (not shown)

"My Grandfather did what???"